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      A fit of coughing interrupted him. He strained and shook from head to foot. He had no handkerchief, and spat blood on the floor.

      "I shall back to Sudley," cried the steward, hastily, "and my lord will reclaim him."


      "If I haven't got a right to ask you that, wot have I, I'd lik to know?"

      So Robert put on his Sunday coat as usual and tramped away to the village. The only drawback was that from the high wheatfield Reuben distinctly saw him go."Isn't it chick?" said Rose, "I got it in Hastingsthey say it is copied from a Paris model. Now let's go on with the unpacking."

      That night, the freemen and serfs that dwelt on the estate of De Boteler, and even the inmates of the castle itself, were alarmed by the sudden glare of red flames rising in a bright column above the tallest trees, and so fiercely burned the flame, that in a few minutes the horizon was tinged with a ruddy glow. There was an eager rush to discover from whence the phenomenon arose, and many were the exclamations, and many the whispered surmises, when it was ascertained that the cottage was on fire from which Holgrave had been so recently ejected.

      'Mid camp-fires gleaming, 'mid shot and shell,


      § 6.