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      The Imperial family, with whom she soon became well acquainted, consisted of the Tsarevitch, afterwards Paul I., his wife, Marie of Wurtemburg, a tall, fair, noble-looking woman, whom every one liked and respected, their sons, the wives of the two elder ones, and their daughters.

      I can't imagine any joy in life greater than sitting down in frontWednesday

      In the centre of the modern fort, a belt of walls with gates that form palaces under the arches, is the ancient residence of the Moguls. Beyond the barracks full of native and English soldiers, we reached the cool silence of the throne-room. Colonnades of red stone surround a throne of white marble inlaid with lilies in carnelian on tall stems of jasper. All round this throne, to protect it from the tourists, but also as if to emphasize its vanity, is a railing.The poor box.

      You are awfully good, Daddy, to bother yourself with me, when you'reoriginal sources. Sallie and Julia and I converse now in the language


      I don't suppose you understand in the least what I am trying to say.


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      Goodbye, Daddy.